Superior Quality Patient-Centered Services

Innovation Care Partners is an organization strategically launched to transform healthcare delivery in the local community.

ICP is a clinically integrated network and Accountable Care Organization managing two MSSP contracts: Scottsdale Health Partners, LLC and John C. Lincoln Accountable Care Organization, LLC.

ICP is wholly owned by HonorHealth and is committed to supporting independent, self-employed physicians as well as those employed by HonorHealth. ICP delivers value-based healthcare defined by superior quality and patient-centered services. Formed in 2012, ICP launched with 430 physicians and covered approximately 3,500 patients. Today ICP has more than 1,600 physician members, covers more than 100,000+ patients, and contracts with six major insurance companies. Clinical Integration is key to improving healthcare quality while eliminating inefficient spending, and ICP's physician-led network offers the tools necessary to deliver best practice patient care.

Clinical Integration is designed to improve healthcare delivery through:

  • Remarkable improvements in clinical outcomes and evidence-based care for patients
  • Coordinated care between physicians, hospitals and other healthcare professionals
  • Quality of care and performance reports
  • Delivery of the right care, at the right time, in the right place
  • Reduced healthcare costs for patients, employers and health plans
  • Improved physician reimbursement through demonstrated quality improvements and reductions in health care delivery costs

Accountable Care Organization

Innovation Care Partners manages two Medicare Shared Savings ACO programs. The SHP Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and the John C. Lincoln ACO are each comprised of a subset of physicians who have agreed to meet an extra set of government requirements to provide coordinated high quality care to their Medicare patients. When our ACOs succeed both in delivering high-quality care and spending health care dollars more wisely, we will share in the savings we helped to achieve for the Medicare program.

Patients benefit from the ACO through

  • Increased quality and personalization of healthcare
  • Elimination of unnecessary and repetitive tests
  • Cooperation and alignment of physicians in overall course of treatment
  • Care coordinators who help patients navigate through the healthcare system
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